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Maintenance FAQs

To Level the Bike 

To level the bike, you want to grab the console mast and tilt it from side to side

If it needs leveling, the four levelers are located underneath the bike – two in the front and two in the rear

They loosen and tighten easily to ensure your bike is completely level

To Clean the Bike 

To clean the bike, you can wet a shop rag or paper towel with water and a mild cleaner or detergent

Wipe down main frame, fan cover, and console to remove sweat and dust

Pedal the Bike Test 

To make sure the console is reading the RPMs, get on the bike. It should start right away

Should immediately read watts, speed, RPMs, and eventually register distance and calories

Check for creaks and clunks

If it did not register, follow the wire all the way down to the main frame and ensure the speed sensor is adjusted properly. Loosen the screw just below the sensor with a Philips screwdriver, make a small adjustment to the flange, and then re-tightening the screw

If it still does not register, check the connection cable behind the console

If it doesn’t work after that, the part will need to be replaced

Resetting the Console 

To ensure that your speed sensor is working, do a hard reset by holding the STOP button until beeps

This will enforce a hard reset for the console and as soon as you start the pedal, the screen will instantly display metrics

Protective Layer 

On the screen, there is a protective layer which you can choose to keep on or take off

There is also a layer on the buttons as well as the programs on the right side

To Change Batteries 

Locate the battery door on the underside of the console

Remove the battery door

Remove batteries and replace with two new double A batteries

The screen will beep if they have been installed properly

Replace the battery door

To Adjust the Seat 

The seat can be adjusted up and down as well as fore and aft

To adjust it up and down, loosen the front knob until you are able to pop it out, then adjust the seat to desired level and re-tighten the knob

To adjust the seat fore and aft, loosen the knob underneath the seat until you are able to pop it out, adjust the seat to desired level, and re-tighten the knob

The bike seat should sit slightly below your hip

Tightening of Main Axle Bolt 

Maintenance of the Assault AirBike requires tightening of the main axle bolt, shown here

To tighten the nut, you’ll need an extended 22mm open-ended wrench. Insert the wrench and tighten the bolt to make sure it’s nice and snug

Tightening Crank Fixing Bolts 

You’ll want to tighten the pedal crank and the Bell crank. Both have an 8mm allen bolt.

Use your 8mm allen key to make sure both bolts are nice and tight.

Repeat on the other side

Oiling the Chain 

We typically recommend oiling the chain every 6 months of so.

You don't want to over oit it, this will cause it to pick up more dirt and particles.

Checking Chain Tension / Tightening Your Chain 

The majority of chain issues are with the longer chain, which you can access on the left side

If your bike chain is loose, it will naturally hit the chain guard and you will hear a slapping sound

You’ll need a 15mm wrench as well as a 10mm wrench

To tighten the chain, you’ll work only in the front of the bike. If it’s too tight, you’ll work only in the back of the bike

First, use your 15mm wrench to loosen the axle bolt

Then take your 10mm wrench and push down on the 10mm nut as shown. This will pull the chain forward to tighten it

To finish, use your 15mm wrench to re-tighten

If the short chain is loose, you can access it from the right side

You can test the short chain by testing the pedals, because there will be a little give in the pedals if the short chain is loose

You can tighten the chain, by using the 15mm bolt located here and the 10mm nut here

Take your 15mm wrench and loosen the 15mm bolt a little, then use your 10mm wrench push upward and tighten the chain

Once the chain is tight, use your 15mm wrench to retighten the bolt

Check the pedals again to make sure there is no give