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Beware of Imitators

Assault AirBike stands alone. We outfit the elite athletes from NCAA, NFL, NBA, MMA, CrossFit, Military, first responders and Law Enforcement. When it comes to High intensity interval training we set new standards. Our bike has been tried and tested through the rigors, refinements and scrutiny of its greatest critics. Our designers got it right! We’ve pushed the envelope and taken the risks required to inspire the creative processes of our in-house designers and engineers. As a result we have one of the hottest, fastest selling and most sought after products in the world. We have been featured in Men’s Health Magazine and the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games. With success comes knock-offs and imitators. As goes the saying, “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”.

Unfortunately some companies have gone as far as defrauding the general public by deceptively misleading consumers, boasting false claims regarding their products and impersonating the Assault AirBike. These imitators have resolved to copying our products with the hopes that our audience will not recognize the “knock-offs” until it’s too late. Don’t be fooled, there is only one Assault AirBike! Request the Assault AirBike by name and accept no imitations.

Facts: LifeCore Fitness; parent company of Assault Fitness Products has over two decades experience in sales, service and manufacturing products that serve the public. We have a reputation of developing quality products at fair prices that are accessible to a variety of different users. Assault AirBike is the first and only air bike that is built to last, programmed for competition and engineered for elite performance.

Unlike the imitators, we stand behind our products:

  • First-class customer service: Assault Fitness Products has an entire staff devoted to the customer. Their sole purpose is to serve and protect your interests as a consumer. LifeCore Fitness Products received an “A” Rating in customer service with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Warranty: Assault Fitness products stand behind each and every product they manufacture. The Assault Airbike is specifically built to take on the stress and load demanded by elite athletes at the highest level of competition. Assault Airbikes come with a 5 year limited warranty on frame and parts.
  • Quality craftsmanship: Solid, commercial grade manufacturing that is durable and reliable. Assault Airbikes’ body is constructed from a 14 gauge frame and its arms are constructed using 12g 2.0mm tubing for added strength. The drive train is chain driven (as opposed to a belt drive) for longevity and durability. 22 sealed (cartridge) bearings cover every pivot point on the bike. The bikes’ cranks are over-built using forged Chromium Molybdenum Steel and they are supported by a sealed cartridge bottom bracket.