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AirBike Info

  1. The Custom Seat is Anatomically Designed and Sweatproof

  2. A Four-Way Adjustable Seatpost Ensures a Custom Fit for All

  3. Sizing Adjustments are Quick and Simple with the Pop-Pin Knobs

  4. Over-Built Forged Cro-Moly Cranks for Superb Strength & Durability

  5. Our Proven Chain Drive System Promises Less Maintenance

  6. The Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket is Engineered to Last

  7. Integrated Transport Wheels for Easy Movement and Setup

  8. 22 Robust Sealed Cartridge Bearings Outfit Each and Every Pivot Point

  9. The Assault’s 27-Inch Steel Fan Delivers Unlimited Resistance

  10. Rest Your Feet on the Oversized Foot Pegs During All-Arm Sessions

  11. Pedal, Push AND Pull for a Workout That Engages the Entire Body

  12. Monitor Your Heart Rate Wirelessly via the On-Board POLAR Radio*

  13. Thick 12g, 2.0mm Tubing Will Handle Whatever You Can Dish Out

  14. Eight Workout Options to Help you Stay Motivated


The All-New Assault AirBike.

Fan bikes have been around for decades. The wind resistance bike concept is great, but no one had sought to improve upon this design. Our team set out to create the highest quality, most durable air bike on the market….. Let us introduce the Beast, The Assault AirBike.

Workout Without Limits.

No two athletes are the same which is why the Assault offers individualized and infinite adjustments for an unlimited workout. Keep it mellow and level to target a heart rate range, or jump into a high-intensity interval session that reduces you to a quivering heap of sweat.

Programmed to Push.

The Assault console is either a friend who gently motivates, or a drill sergeant who kicks your butt. Match your mood to your workout with one of the seven on-board programs. Choose a challenging Tabata interval session, set a calorie, distance or time target, or build your aerobic base with a heart rate program. More choices means more motivation.

Built to Punish. Built to Take Punishment.

We set out to design a machine that can take what it dishes out. Thick-gauge chro-moly steel, sealed cartridge bearings and oversized pivots ensure the Assault holds up hundreds of thousands of maintenance-free hours of use on the military base, on campus, in the gym, physical therapy or at home. Built for the commercial environment and will prove to hold up to the most demanding abuse.

Built-In Durability – A 20-Bearing Salute.

When we set out to design the Assault AirBike, we knew that integration of sealed cartridge bearings in every pivot and moving part was an absolute necessity and were more than a little shocked when the count totaled twenty. That’s a bearing or two in every pivot, be it pedals, bottom bracket, flywheels or linkage arms. Twenty sealed-bearings in all…tucked and hidden neatly away under machined and formed steel.You can say that it’s the things that you can’t see that make the biggest difference.

The Computer, Watts Up.

We started from scratch with the design of the Assault’s console.LCD technology offers a versatile array of display images. Large buttons and quick keys to offer faster access to the on-board programs, while the screen is packed full of useful data feedback.Simultaneously monitor heart rate, speed, RPM, time, Watts and calories..All this functionality in a sleek, compact heads-up display. Since Watts were important to to our development team, we knew we had to get this right…and we did. Our first task was to connect the Assault’s drivetrain to 20 horsepower electric motor, enabling us to deliver a constant RPM. We then coupled a calibrated torque measurement meter to the drivetrain and recorded output at each RPM increment from 5 to 150 RPMs. With a simple math conversion, the Assault was armed with actual Watt output values. The result…what you see is accurate.